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Jonathan Ducrest was born and raised in Switzerland, where his passion for photography began early with a point and shoot camera, a gift from his parents.The mountain vistas, atmospheric conditions and dramatic scenery of Switzerland were the initial subjects he chose to develop his talents.

In 1998 he relocated to the United States, where he settled in New York City. There, he expanded his practice into the urban canyons and civic aspects of the metropolis, which drew parallels with his earlier scenes of natural environments.

In 2013 Ducrest moved once more, to Los Angeles, in pursuit of new interests. The West Coast's varied landscapes—deserts, dynamic architecture, oceanic backdrops—have provided a fresh set of artistic challenges, while also bringing together the varied strands of his visual palette hewn during 25 years of experimentation and experience. Ducrest's compositional abilities, creative eye, and cinematic sensibilities have made him one of the foremost practitioners of landscape, travel and urban photography working in the Los Angeles area.